Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

Classic/Elite Fountain Pens


CFP208-Canary with Black Enamel Trim

CFP211-Lilac with Black Enamel Trim

CFP212-Curly Maple with Black Enamel Trim

CFP213-Curly Maple with Gold Trim

CFP227-Ebony with Chrome Trim $35

CFP229-Hickory with Black Enamel Trim

CFP235-Black Walnut with Chrome Trim

CEP037-Olivewood with Gun Metal Trim

CEP053-Purple Heart with Gun Metal Trim

CEP055-Bocote with Gun Metal Trim

CEP072-Curly Hard Maple with Gun Metal Trim

CEP074-Ambrosia with Gun Metal Trim

CEP077-Birdseye Maple with Gun Metal Trim

CEP078-Leporad with Gold Trim

CEP079-Olivewood with Gold Trim