Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

3 1/4" Mini Pen with Stylus Tip 

The perfect gift idea for the smart phone or tablet user. The durable rubber tip protects the device's surface from scratches, smudges and allows you to type precisely and comfortably. Works on all capacitive touch screen devices.  

Stylus Tip


SMP139-Maple with Gold

SMP167-Olivewood with Chrome

SMP181-Purple with Gold

SMP182-Curly Maple with Chrome

SMP183-Tulipwood with Chrome

SMP185-Purple Heart with Chrome

SMP187-Goncalo Alves with Chrome

SMP188-Gaboon Ebony with Chrome

SMP189-Olivewood with Chrome

SMP190-Curly Hard Maple with Gold

SMP191-Curly Maple with Chrome

SMP192-Black Walnut with Chrome

SMP193-Paduak with Chrome

SMP195-Gaboon Ebony with Gold

SMP196-Purple Heart with Gold

SMP197-Bocote & Wedge with Gold

SMP198-Leopard with Gold

SMP199-Macassar Ebony with Gold

SMP200-Zebrawood with Gold

SMP201-Paduak with Gold