Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus
4 3/4" Touch Stylus 
The perfect gift idea for the smart phone or tablet user. The durable rubber tip protects the device's surface from scratches, smudges and allows you to type precisely and comfortably. Works on all capacitive touch screen devices.   
Stylus Tip


TS041-Poplar & Chrome 


TS070-Hickory & Gun Metal 


TS085-Cedar & Chrome 


TS105-Hickory & Gold

TS125-Cedar & Chrome

TS136-Bolivian Rosewood & Chrome 


TS151-Curly Maple & Chrome 


TS155-Maple & Gun Metal 


TS162-Maple & Chrome 

TS174-Canary & Gold 

TS179-Canary & Chrome

TS184-Maple & Gold

TS190-Canary & Chrome

TS194-East Indian Rosewood & Gun Metal

TS203-Purple Heart