Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

Cigar Twist Pen

VP1168-Olivewood with Gold Trim

VP1171-Curly Maple with Gun Metal Trim

VP1178-Tulipwood with Satin Trim

VP1198-Curly Hard Maple with Gold Trim

VP1200-Kingwood with Gold Trim

VP1205-Osage Orange with Gold Trim

VP1213-Cocobolo with Satin Trim

VP1214-Black & White Ebony with Gun Metal Trim

VP1215-Canary with Gun Metal Trim

VP1216-East Indian Rosewood with Gun Metal Trim

VP1217-Rosewood with Gun Metal Trim

VP1218-Cocobolo with Gold Trim

VP1220-Tulipwood with Rhodium Trim

VP1221-Olivewood with Rhodium Trim

VP1222-Rosewood with Rhodium Trim