Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

4 1/4" Classic Candle Holders with Handle

CHB001-Rosewood Yucatan with Brass


CHB004-Bocote with Brass



CHB007-Birdseye Maple with Brass



CHB009-Maple with Brass


CHB010-Sassafras with Brass


CHB011-Jobilo with Brass


CHB012-Walnut with Brass



CHB013-Cedar with Brass


CHB014-Zebrawood with Brass


CHS007-Birdseye Maple with Satin

CHS008-Curly Maple with Satin

CHS011-Rosewood Yucatan with Satin


CHS013-Cherry with Satin


CHS014-Walnut with Satin



CHS015-Zebrawood with Satin


CHS016-Cedar with Satin


CHS017-Poplar with Satin