Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

Duchess Necklace

The ultimate in ultra-light elegance, this Mini Necklace Pen is the ideal gift for the woman on the go. Features etched metal styling and afford ability and is 4-/12" long. Includes a super strong earth magnet quick release clasp and chain. Instantly and conveniently releases and reattaches.

DNP003-Kingwood with Chrome Necklace

DNP009-Tulipwood with Chrome Necklace

DNP012-Tulipwood with Chrome Necklace

DNP013-Tulipwood with Gold Necklace

DNP014-Olivewood with Chrome Necklace

DNP015-Olivewood with Gold Necklace

DNP016-Paduak with Chrome Necklace

DNP017-Paduak with Gold Necklace

DNP018-Kingwood with Chrome Necklace

DNP019-Tulipwood with Chrome Necklace

DNP021-Kingwood with Chrome Necklace

DNP022-Cocobolo with Chrome Necklace