Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

Hourglass Pen

This delightful and elegant hourglass pen actually works! The sand flows freely when you flip the pen and the hourglass contains about 60 seconds of sand. Has a Mini refill and features a roller on the end of the clip. Please note, the hourglass cannot be opened to change or replace or empty the sand.

HG010-Curly Maple with Rose Gold Trim

HG016-Birdseye Maple with Gold Trim

HG022-Oivewood with Chrome Trim

HG027-Bocote with Chrome Trim

HG028-Cocobolo with Gold Trim

HG029-Tulipwood with Chrome Trim

HG031-Bocote with Chrome Trim

HG032-Bloodwood with Chrome Trim

HG033-Black Walnut with Chrome Trim

HG034-Zebrawood with Chrome Trim

HG035-Kingwood with Chrome Trim

HG036-Bloodwood with Gold Trim

HG037-Black Walnut with Gold Trim

HG038-Zebrawood with Gold Trim