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Lever Action Pen

Completely innovative and irresistibly fun!!! The authentic lever action mechanism extends and retracts the pen refill with the look and feel of a lever action rifle. Just cock the lever once to extend the refill and cock the lever again to retract the refill.

Antique Nickel Trim

Antique Nickel Trim

Antique Brass Trim

Antique Brass Trim

LA086-Black Walnut with Antique Brass Trim

LA111-Leopard with Antique Brass Trim

LA114-Black Walnut with Antique Brass Trim

LA119-Bocote with Antique Brass Trim

LA120-Bocote with Antique Brass Trim

LA121-Bocote with Antique Brass Trim

LA123-Bolivian Rosewood with Antique Brass Trim

LA125-Bocote with Antique Brass Trim

LA127-East Indian Rosewood with Antique Brass Trim

LA128-Bolivian Rosewood with Antique Brass Trim

LA129-Bocote with Antique Brass Trim