Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

Majestic Letter Opener

The Majestic Letter opener is made with the exquisite styling and matching components of the Majestic pen series. 

LM004-Zebrawood with Gold Trim

LM007-Tulipwood with Chrome Trim

LM010-Black & White Ebony with Gold Trim

LM011-Bocote with Gold Trim

LM013-Ebony with Silver Trim

LM014-Birdseye Maple with Silver Trim

LM015-Paduak with Silver Trim

LM016-Purple Heart with Silver Trim

LM017-Ebony with Gold Trim

LM018-Olivewood with Gold Trim

LM019-Birdseye Maple with Gold Trim

LM021-Purple Heart with Gold Trim