Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

Revolver Click Pen

Meticulously and handsomely reproduced from an actual revolver, this nostalgically stylish pen looks and works just like a real revolver. It is the perfect gift for any gun aficionado. When you press the click mechanism the pen tip extends, the trigger clip moves up and the 6-barrel cylinder rotates to replicate you loading the gun. Then, when you pull the hairpin trigger pen clip the tip retracts while the 6-barrel cylinder quickly spins to replicate you firing the gun. Right above the cylinder you'll find a black metal grip that mimics a revolver handle. And the bullet cartridge pen tip represents your favorite .38 Special or .357 Magnum bullet. The mechanism, just like the gun, is durable and reliable and includes a Parker style refill.

RP007-Indian Ebony with Chrome Trim

RP010-Honduras Rosewood with Chrome Trim

RP033-KIngswood with Chrome Trim

RP039-Macassar Ebony with Chrome Trim

RP040-Macassar Ebony with Antique Pewter Trim

RP041-Macassar Ebony with Antique Brass Trim

RP042-Indian Ebony with Chrome Trim

RP043-Indian Ebony with Antique Pewter Trim

RP044-Indian Ebony with Antique Brass Trim

RP045-Black & White Ebony with Chrome Trim

RP047-Black & White Ebony with Antique Brass Trim

RP052-African Blackwood with Antique Pewter Trim

RP054-Bocote with Chrome Trim

RP055-Bocote with Antique Pewter Trim

RP057-Cocobolo with Chrome Trim

RP058-Cocobolo with Antique Pewter Trim

RP062-Bocote with Antique Brass Trim

RP064-Bocote with Antique Brass Trim

RP065-Cocobolo with Chrome Trim

RP066-Gaboon Ebony with Chrome Trim

RP067-Cocobolo with Antique Pewter Trim

RP068-Cocobolo with Antique Brass Trim

RP069-Gaboon Ebony with Antique Brass Trim