Jerrys Nature Design - Custom WoodTurning Plus

Various Twist Pens

PSA013-Sassafras Shock Absorber with Chrome $20

VP4014-Hickory with Gold & Gun Metal Trim $25

VP128-Slimline with Rosewood

VP138-Slimline with Indian Rosewood

VP139-Comfort with Bamboo

VP141-Comfort with Paduak

VP142-Slimline with Rosewood

VP143-Slimline with Paduak

VP144-Slimline with Bamboo

VP145-Slimline with Rosewood

VP147-Slimline with Bamboo

VP148-Slimline with Rosewood

VP151-Slimline with Bamboo

VP153-Slimeline with Paduak

VP154-Slimeline with Rosewood

VP156-Slimline with Bamboo